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We are Claire Cullen Delsol and Jennifer Ryan, friends who met through the baby loss support group LMC. Both of us lost baby girls in the second trimester of pregnancy and went on to support scores of other women and couples through their own losses. Our daughters, Alex and Jessica are the inspiration for Vilomah.ie!

We recognise the importance of acknowledging and memory making in baby loss. When we lose a baby, one of the hardest parts is that people in our lives don’t recognize our loss. Faced with unimaginable grief, it is so difficult to reach out to a parent in pain and know what to say.

Coming up to another potentially traumatic Mother’s Day in 2021, we were discussing our frustration at the lack of public acknowledgement for how hard the day can be for mothers who have lost children, and for children who have lost mothers. Over a glass (or 3) of wine, we decided to make our own cards that acknowledged the alternative Mother's Day experience. Expressing the messages that we never want to have to convey, we wanted to make cards for occasions nobody wants to celebrate.

With loads of experience and a passion for normalising the discussion around baby loss we want people to be empowered to reach out to suffering friends, family, colleagues and loved ones, with a message carefully designed to show them that you see, and care about, their pain.

If you have any suggestions for cards that you would like to see, or messages you struggle to share, drop us a line at vilomah.ie@gmail.com

Claire & Jen


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