New business name and changes to come!!

We have been busy working to expand our business in various ways and have lots of new products and services to come over the next few months.

We are currently in the process of formally setting up as a Not for Profit Social Enterprise and we have had some amazing help getting this moving forward.

It was during this process that we began reflecting on our name AJ Card Designs and while we love using our girls initials we felt that it wouldn't fit long term with our plans.

When we went looking at possible names the one word that we kept coming back to was Vilomah. For us there was no other name that we could use to describe us and the work we hope to do.

Vilomah is a Sanskrit word meaning "reverse order" or "inversion of natural order" that Professor Karla Holloway from Duke University began to use to describe parents who had lost a child in 2009.

The word Vilomah, since finding out about it, has really resonated with us both and we really couldn't think of anything better to use as we launch into our next adventure.

We really hope that people will resonate with our name change, and continue to join us on our next step and will be keeping everyone posted as we do.

Thank you all once again for the support so far, it means the world to us

Jen and Claire

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