Loss changes you, Grief take time

We are ever evolving as people, every new experience changes us. 

It's the same when you experience a loss, no matter the loss it changes you. Letting a loss change you is normal, others who haven't been through similar may not understand fully but that's ok. 

Grieving takes time and energy. Allowing yourself to grieve is not a sign of weakness, it is an emotional necessity and your heart and body needs time to heal from the trauma of your loss and learn to live with your grief. If you don't allow yourself this time then your grief can overwhelm you and things can become increasingly difficult. 

You won't grieve as heavily forever, you will learn to carry your grief daily without it always feeling so heavy but this all takes time, and energy, and strength. 

Allow yourself to grieve, let your loss change you. You will never forget by letting go of the rawness of grief, your memories and emotions will stay with your forever.

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