No matter how small

From the moment you see that positive line on a test you have imagined telling family, watching your bump grow and all the potential firsts you will have together.

Loss of pregnancy can occur in more ways than most people realise, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, missed miscarriage, TFMR, stillbirth, molar or neonatal death. All are losses, and all have an impact. 

No matter when, or how your loss happens, whether it be at 4 weeks or 4 months, whether it was a total shock or a heart breaking decision, that heartache and pain is real and justified. 

So many women have spoken out about how they felt their loss wasn't seen as a "proper loss" for so many reasons and we always say it was and it is.

Surround yourself with people who understand. Consider reaching out to and attending a support group for a safe space to talk with people who understand and have shared your type of loss.

One reason we here at Vilomah chose Ectopic Ireland as our recipient charity for July is because they support people who have been through a very specific type of loss. You can watch the conversation between Jen from Vilomah and Laura from Ectopic Ireland here on our Instagram. 

Talking with groups or individuals who have had the same type of loss can help you to understand your experience, your reactions and visualise a path to recovering.  Your needs are individual and changing, take it at your own pace and only do what feels right for you. Peer supporters can offer guidance, support, comfort, a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with. No one gets through a loss alone...

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